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Thank you for your interest in the DVR365 range of Digital Video Recorders. We have a demonstration version of the DVR's playback software available for you to download onto your own PC. This will allow you to sample the remote monitoring and playback capabilities of a DVR365 with live CCTV images and audio via your own PC.

This "Player" software is supplied with each unit and it allows you to take your DVR365 video images to a standalone PC and play the images and sound back. This is the software you might use to playback your recorded images in a court of law.

The video files produced by the DVR are a modified mpeg compression and are specially encrypted so a normal mpeg software cannot read or access them. To play the video on a standalone PC, you must have this software.

Step 1
Simply click on the link below to download your FREE special software pack.
Step 2
Open up the software program and click to Log In!

Upgraded Demo Released April 2008

If you already have an older version of this demo software installed on your PC, you will need to "un-install" it via your PC's Setting>Control Panel menu before installing this version. Remember, you must have an ADSL connection to use this remote monitoring facility.

You must have an ADSL connection to use this demo software!


To keep your downloading time to a minimum, we try to compress the file size of our programs and documents. With this in mind, once you have downloaded the file, you may need to unzip the file or, in the case of a PDF, use the Acrobat Reader software to use them. Both programs can be downloaded below but its worth checking your PC to see if you already have a copy.

Zip Software
Doubleclick the button above to download our free software program ideal for compressing, zipping and unzipping your larger files. Size - 600Kb, approx time 2 mins.
Acrobate Reader
Doubleclick the button to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, ideal for reading PDF files. Size - 8.7Mb, approx time 30 mins.
demo link


Click here to try out on-line DVR365 and test it's remote monitoring and playback!

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