The NVS365 M-PEG Video Server

NVS365Connect any CCTV camera to a network or the Internet to see live pictures remotely on a computer using the client software...

  • Colour & B&W Inputs
  • Live Video & Audio
  • Built In Motion Detect
  • Connect Using Internet Explorer
  • LAN or Internet
  • Auto E-mails on Alarm Detection

The NVS365 allows you to conver an analogue CCTV camera into an IP camera and using the client software provided you may view or record it. This means you can carry on using your favourite low light camera or your favourite PTZ.

Why not visit the NVS365 website...

Who is Watching Me?

Does your CCTV system comply with the data protection act?

SightBossTM Software

The multi-site monitoring for the DVR365.