DVR365 Recording Capabilities

Massive 80Gb - 8 TERABYTE(8000Gb) internal storage!!

With an internal storage capacity up to 8Tb (8000Gb), it is possible to record one camera continuously in real time (25fps) for over 15 years!!

This cleverly engineered product can comfortably fit 8 internal hard drives (up to 1Tb per drive) for total internal storage of 8Tb! Unlike other DVRs using large, noisy fans to cool their HDD, the DVR365 uses intelligent electronics to start and stop the drives when required making the unit as quiet as possible so it can be used in noise sensitive environments. The intelligent electronics also avoid the build up of unwanted internal heat and help prolong the life of the hard drives, a small detail that makes a big difference.

There are of course many variables that affect how long the DVR365 can record for, including number of cameras connected, number of hard drives installed and sizes of drive so we have produced a very detailed table so that you can easily work out the recording times for yourself. This table can be downloaded from our website.

The ability to record sound & vision continuously puts the DVR365 in a league of its own. It could be used to record sound and vision over tills, in shops, in receptions, hospitals, schools or anywhere that could benefit from real-time recording of sound and vision on multiple cameras.

Who is Watching Me?

Does your CCTV system comply with the data protection act?

SightBossTM Software

The multi-site monitoring for the DVR365.