4 Way Video Tardis

The VideoTardis is the baby brother to the DVR365 and is essentially two products in one, a Digital Video Recorder(DVR) and a Remote Video Server.

Video Tardis

The VideoTardis

Video Tardis - with LCD

The VideoTardis with LCD screen

  • Accepts up to 4 cameras, colour or B&W,
  • Built-in remote monitoring,
  • FREE Client software supplied,
  • Triplex (record,play & monitor at the same time!),
  • Network connector,
  • Compact size - 13 x 20 x 28 cm,
  • USB Back-up Connector,
  • Up to 1 x 750gb Hard Disk capacity,
  • Noise Reduction System,
  • Audio recording on 1 channel,
  • MPEG4 compression technology,
  • Easy Internet monitoring,
  • Stand-alone unit,
  • Password protection prevents unauthorised access.

You can “log-on” to the VideoTardis from a computer via a local connection or from the Internet to see live or recorded images. The VideoTardis can also act as a DVR for up to 4 CCTV cameras and can simultaneously record images from all of them on to a hard drive.

Client Software

  • Version:
  • October 2007
  • For H264 models from summer 2007

Player Software

  • Version: 2008A
  • October 08

VideoTardis Instruction Manual

Who is Watching Me?

Does your CCTV system comply with the data protection act?

SightBossTM Software

The multi-site monitoring for the DVR365.