Other Products

A revolutionary DVR allowing you to control a combination of analogue and IP cameras.
The alienDVR
A great DVR with real-time recording that even allows you to view your CCTV images on your mobile phone.
Video Tardis
The Video Tardis DVR is essentially two products in one, a Digital Video Recorder(DVR) and a Remote Video Server.
The Smart 2 DVR
We also have another DVR called the Smart II. This is a low-cost feature packed DVR.
Excel PTZ
The excelPTZ is a range of quality PTZ CCTV Cameras.
Network Video Server
Our Network Video Server: Ideal for turning any CCTV camera into an IP-camera. You can also find more information on this device at sightwatch.com.
Advanced Vision System
The Advanced-Vision System was developed to enable homes and small businesses to enjoy the benefits of a quality CCTV system at an affordable price.
High Quality Accessories for the CCTV & Security Industry. Including Cables, Power Supplies, and Connectors.
NiteDevil Cameras
The NiteDevil is a CCTV camera module that can produce exceptional results where other CCTV cameras wouldn't see a thing!
Who is Watching Me?

Does your CCTV system comply with the data protection act?

SightBossTM Software

The multi-site monitoring for the DVR365.